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existential gratitude

In many ways, I’m grateful for all the experiences I had in 2023. It’s the most fulfilled I felt in years. I learnt so much from independently pursuing my ideas in neurotechnology & behavior research through Fusion.

It kept me going. I had something to do, even in the most difficult of times. We made a lot of progress in some areas & fell short in others.

Admist the chaos I have a lot to be thankful for. I’ve been carried this year…

Carried, by God

Carried, by family

Carried, by friends

Carried, by purpose

I’m also really tired and I don’t think I can “trick myself out of this one”. I’ve chosen to lean into gratitude as much as possible - my heart is heavy and I need to rest.

The new year is upon us and with that comes a lot of questions and expectations. It’s no longer “you’re so brave for quitting your job”, it’s more questions like “how will you make money?”, “Are you going to keep burning your savings?”

I need to run Fusion as business now… it’s hard, uncomfortable and sometimes I fear I‘m not up to the task, but that’s a skill issue that can be fixed. I will continue to fight for my optimism.

Will I get tired of keeping my hope alive?

Jump & the wings will come for you to fly.

It’s time to let go…

Picture of Ore standing & smiling

Some highlights:

  • All the infrastructure I needed when I started Fusion, we have now built. I’m clear on how we will operate as a company in 2024.
  • Spent a month @ Myelin House with people building the future of neurotech!
  • Had the time of my life @ ZuConnect & ran an impromptu study on the impact of cold plunges on brain activity
  • Presented abstracts to neuroscientists & psychiatrists interested in our work.
  • Over 400 people have downloaded the Fusion app!
  • I’m writing a proposal to test for a biomarker for psychosis using our research client!
  • Open sourced all our work on Github
  • I spent 3 months of the year with my family - there’s love at home.
  • I did not quit when things got hard :)

Wishing you all the good things 2024 has in store. Fight for your optimism.

Love, Ore