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my memory fails me, so i write

I shared a serendipitous moment with a stranger today.

Walking to my train at London St. Pancras, I hear the grand piano chords. I stop by the piano and say ”Hi” to the pianist. They respond “Bonjour”, smile and continue playing.

There’s half of a tune in my head. I hum and ask if they know it but they don’t. Network’s spotty so I can’t search online. They ask if I can sing & opt to play a couple songs.

Just like you, I’m a performer in the shower, not in front of people - but I love music so I shyly agree :)

  • They play Ben E King’s Stand by Me - one of my favourite songs - and I sing along.
  • Then, Black Eyed Peas, I’ve gotta feeling - I only know the chorus but, I’m comfortable hearing the sound of my voice now so I continue.
  • Then, Imagine by John Lennon - I had learned to play this on the piano during the pandemic so I’m quite familiar with the tune. I let my my guard down and let myself enjoy the moment.

We’re having fun and improvising now!

I remember I have to get back on my journey. We exchange a couple pleasantries, a smile and a fist bump.

It’s time to part ways.

I walk to my platform, and the piano chords gradually fade into the distance.

Oh London, I’m going to miss you!

Love, Ọrẹ.